Trevor Zachary

I was excited. To be able to get on this board for the first time ever not ever thinking I ever have a chance like that. It absolutely means the world to me. Iā€™m a water baby and I love being out on the water. My favourite part is just being out on the water, being free. I had no confidence being on the water before going on this board. I am a lot happier in my life now.

Access Revolution has opened the doors to having access to the outdoors that I never thought possible, from paddle boarding, to hiking, and off-road wheeling with the freedom chair in environments my day chairmanwould never take me, has enriched my life in ways no one could ever imagine. There is no greater feeling when you feel like world is spinning out of control, then having the access to hop on a paddle board and take a moment to yourself to recollect your thoughts and emotions. Access Revolution makes this possible.