Jon Pimlott

Hello from Nanaimo British Columbia Canada. My name is Jon Pimlott and this is my story of the little row boat that could (a wheelchair accessible rowboat). When I had the idea of this while rowing on the lake I knew instantly that it would work. The biggest smile came to me as I envisioned this exact end result. I met this Canadian who told me anything is possible so I took his words and proceeded to try to be the change I wanted to see in the world. The process of designing these concepts has affected me in such a profound way. I live on a little lake in Nanaimo called Diver Lake. It has an accessible fishing float on the edge of the lake. This is the where I was inspired to create my accessible watercraft concepts. My Youtube video is called Universal rowboat and it is featured below. It is one of my proudest moments as I watched a father take his daughter fishing in my rowboat. I dream of seeing my rowboat concepts all over the world. To be recognized by Access revolution is quite an honour for me.