Benjamin Clifford

I am passionate about outdoor accessibility because I really believe everyone should access the outdoors as much as possible. We have such amazing technology today to allow people to get outdoors no matter what challenges they face; it just takes people who are willing to help and inspire others to get out there! Spending time outdoors and particularly in the ocean reminds me I am a part of nature. It clears my head, gives me exercise and allows me to experience the magic of the world. I have Dyspraxia which affects my ability to balance and coordinate my movements so surfing was the perfect thing for me. It allowed me to practice balancing in a beautiful environment and when I fell off it didn’t hurt! I feel I have largely overcome my own disability and had amazing fun doing it! I want others to be able to do the same. Most things in life are made of waves, we have to ride the waves whether we want to or not so we should learn to do it with style and grace.

My mission is to make surfing as accessible as possible to disabled people through teamwork, coaching techniques, adapted equipment and having loads of fun in the ocean! Specific missions at the moment are attending the world adapted Adapted surfing championships and creating a Welsh adapted surfing team. I am also working on creating more adapted surfing equipment.

Volunteering at a surfing event for children with autism spectrum conditions seeing how great it was and feeling that regular surfing opportunities were needed. Also the death of my best friend made me want to live life to the fullest.



Twitter: @surfability